Apple Set to Release Two New iPhones 9/10

Tomorrow, September 10th, at an event on Tuesday at its Cupertino, California, headquarters, Apple is set to unveil for customers worldwide a new iPhone (iPhone 5S) with a faster processor, along with colorful more affordable plastic model (iPhone 5C).The iPhone 5S is supposedly the iPhone 5 bigger and better brother while the iPhone 5C will be marketed as a cheaper more affordable solution to the iPhone 5 or 5S.

The iPhone 5S is said to come in a Goldish-champagne color back casing, and maybe even graphite as possible color options, in addition to the usual black and white. Why gold? Analysts and bloggers say that the gold option is in high demand in Asia, where it is a symbol of prosperity. Reports have placed the phone in the price range from $485-$525 to $525-$575. Apple declined to comment on the new products. But analysts expect the iPhone 5S to be an improvement over the current iPhone, including a faster processor and better camera flash, larger battery, as well as a fingerprint sensor for security. Indeed, the authentication feature has been the one genuinely new aspect of the 5S that has surfaced, leading me to speculate that the “S” will stand for “security.”

The iPhone 5C is said to come in a variety of bright colors reminiscent of the iOS 7′s new palette, with a plastic case instead of aluminum. Some seem to think the "C" stands for "cheap" or "China," its prime target market, though it could also stand for "color," because of the variety of its hues that will likely be available. Those colors, which may be reflected in Apple's press invite, above will set the phone apart from its more expensive sibling which would have the iPhone's usual aluminum casing. The iPhone 5C could allow Apple to expand into overseas markets especially China, where the iPhone has been highly desired among many consumers but is just out of reach because of its price. Analysts expect the full price of the lower-cost iPhone to be $300 to $400, positioning it as a midtier product.

Despite Apple’s efforts to keep its plans secret, clues about the new iPhones leaked out. China Telecom briefly posted a message last week on a blog platform soliciting early orders for the new devices. It identified the high-end model as the iPhone 5S, and the lower-cost one as the iPhone 5C. The post was later removed. A spokesman for China Telecom declined to comment, citing nondisclosure agreements.

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