Game of Phones: A look into mobile loyalty

In this wonderful mobile world of ours you will have a heavy decision to make if you want to upgrade your phone. Of course there is many phones and platforms from which to choose but most customers tend to gravitate towards the big two. iOS or Android?

Who will you choose? That question is entirely up to you. You will be swayed by friends and family, some will point the coming of iOS 7, others will say the Galaxy S4 is revolutionary. And yet there are those whose principles will not be shaken. They will stay loyal to their brand until the end (or until they get a better deal). Which brings us to the next question. Who's more loyal Android or iPhone users?

According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners latest research it looks like the biggest fan boys/girls are still iOS users. The report states that 78% of iOS users chose another iPhone, while 67% of Android users stay loyal. That means 14% of Apple fans will change sides while 27% of Android users go to the dark side. As you can see clearly loyalty is more prevalent at the Apple camp. It should be noted the most popular brand in the Android brand is Samsung with 52% loyalty brand.

Another important find is how the big two continue to destroy the competition. 34% of Blackberry users have changed to Android while 48% of Blackberry users headed to Apple. According to the report the real battle here is the percent of people who have yet to choose a smartphone. So far Android is winning the newcomers gathering 50% of basic phone users, while 39% are choosing iOS.

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