What has mobile done for the retail industry?

There is no denying that the mobile industry is growing at an incredible rate, but how is this growth affecting the digital retail market?

According to the research Millennial Media/comScore conducted the mobile retail audience has grown by more than 300%. This audience was determined by consumers who engaged in retail content and ads through their phones. It should be noted that the audience's growth was boosted by the desktop retail audience. Because digital retail is experienced across devices from the desktop to the mobile there's no denying that the mobile and desktop retail audience intercrosses.

Surprisingly males 18-44 years old make up the majority of the mobile retail audience, with females filling up 48%. In the U.S. alone male smartphone owners are 5% more likely to access retail content than females. In Europe males are 16% more likely.

The beauty about the mobile retail audience is that they uses mobiles in all the stages of purchase. From browsing for an item, to buying it from their phone, to in-store uses, mobile definitely plays an important role in the retail industry. Most of the retail mobile audience uses their phone in-store 50% of the time to compare prices, research features, scan a product, or search for coupons.

The most influential factors that the mobile retail audience takes into consideration when purchasing is pretty expected. The majority buy through their mobile for the price, 35% for the reviews and the remaining 33% for the coupons.

But which type of products is the mobile retail audience buying the most? It won't come as a shocker that the most bought products fall under clothing and clothing accessories, followed by books, tickets, consumer electronics and daily deals and discount coupons on services.

This is just a small summary of the Millennial Media/comScore study, for more information you can check out their site here and download it.

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