The Likeliness of the Budget iPhone

Apple rumors grow like weeds every year. It seems for every one rumor that is refuted, two more spring up. The latest to appear is the plastic budget iPhone. The pictures that have been unearthed from the internet show the plastic iPhones in various neon colors. Needless to say they are not pleasing to the eye. But how likely is the possibility of Apple ever releasing a plastic budget iPhone?

Financially the budget iPhone gives Apple a chance to grow their revenue in emerging markets. It gives them a chance to compete in a global market, one that Android is currently dominating. Still the move would be dangerous. The budget iPhone is too different from the original one. But this too could be seen as a blatant move to separate the budget iPhones from the "real" iPhones. The huge distinction in design would make them completely different products and the customer would ultimately want to upgrade to the "real" iPhone experience.

Still the budget iPhone seems too unlikely. From a design standpoint it would be the ugliest thing Apple has ever created. Furthermore, It’s a complete contradiction for the brand and their business model. Tim Cook said earlier this year at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that Apple’s mission is about making the best products, not the most.

They would never downgrade the quality of the iPhone just for the sake of moving more units. And ultimately, Steve Jobs would have never allowed it. Still, as of today there is more than a dozen reports with pictures all pointing to a very real plastic iPhone ( iPhone Case Leak Photos). I guess we'll just have to wait until this fall to see if the plastic iPhone makes an appearance.

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