Console Graphics Heading to Mobile by 2014

It looks like quality graphics will be heading to the mobile world very soon. NVIDIA the famous graphics card manufacturer is making headway into the mobile world.

The next generation of GPU's for mobile units, is getting a massive upgrade with Project Logan equipped with Kepler architecture. At the Siggraph conference, an annual event focused on computer graphics, the NVIDIA team displayed an impressive demo of a real time face rendering of "Ira" an animated actor. The demo was originally supposed to run on the NVIDIA 6GB GeForce GTX Titan, a desktop graphics cards worth around $1000. However at Siggraph the same demo was replicated using the Kepler mobile with little differences. The take away from all of this is that the Titan graphics cards requires massive amounts of power usage to operate and yet Kepler mobile architecture allows for the same graphics using only 2 to 3 watts. That's a third of the power needed to run GPU's in the current Retina iPad. And still the graphics are a huge upgrade. That's almost triple the battery life for console graphics in current tablets. This could be the beginning steps for multiple platforms gaming games compatible with the desktop, phone, tablets and consoles. This could very well be the pushed that video games studios needed to take mobile gaming seriously. The demo can be seen below.

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